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All of the monies from our guided trail rides go toward the feed and care of the rescue horses here at Crazy 8 Ranch. We also rely on donations to cover routine and emergency veterinary costs. donation is too small and all donations are greatly appreciated!

Meet Our Staff

Here at Crazy 8 Ranch our team is a family  and a bunch of rescue horses, each one having a unique personality! Here you will be able to see and learn a little bit about everyone on the ranch!


Hi, my name is Marcia DeCamp, I am the owner/operator of Crazy 8 Ranch. I grew up on the back of a horse on a farm in Michigan. My grandaddy was a jockey and we always had horses when I was growing up. I trained and competed in barrel racing for 5 years. As I got older, friends and neighbors aquired rescues horses that needed rehabilitation and training. I felt very drawn to helping these magnificent creatures regain their trust in humans and help them on their road to recovery. It was very gratifying to watch them heal. In 2007, after not being able to find a farrier to take care of my horses, I decided to attend the Oklahoma Horseshoeing School in Purcell, Oklahoma. It was an extremely tough school and very rewarding. I also took Equine management through the Global Equine Academy. Classes covered all facets of equine care, health, breeding, facility design and construction and more. There is still a lot to learn from other trainers, my vet, and of course the horses. I am the mother of four wonderful children, who are all grown, and the grandmother of four grand-babies.

Meet Our Horses

Skipper Sure Bunny aka Bunny is a double registered PHA and AQHA. Bunny was born February 9th, 2000. and came to us as a brood mare back in 2006, with world show points,They had sent her to a trainer who ended up doing more harm than good. With a lot of love and patience Bunny is now a happy trail horse. Bunny is the Dam of Stormy.


Stormy is a Palomino Quarter Horse that was born on the ranch June 4th 2007. He has a big personality and is Marcia's personal trail horse.




Daisy is a chestnut quarter horse half-linger cross, born in 1997, that came to us December 2014. She is for experienced riders only.




Miss Priss,
a Thoroughbred, that did not make it on the track has found a happy home with us as a trail horse!





Luna, is a flea bitten gray Pasofino, born in 1996, who came to us in the winter of 2014. She was a problem child that her previous owner couldn't handle. For experienced riders only.




Superman, is a Pacifino gelding and is very bonded to Luna. Superman's owner was ill and rehomed him to a place they thought would take care of him. However, they nearly starved him to death. The owners happened to call me out to trim their other horses. Once I saw him, I couldn't leave him there. I offered to take him and they agreed to let me have him. It took a long time to get him back to full health.




Toby, a Quarter Horse, has been a good quality trail horse his whole life and is here to share his love of the trails with you!







Reba is a little Sorrel Filly, who was running loose in Gadsen County. The Sheriffs Department contacted us and asked us if we could come catch her and give her a home. She is just learning to become a trail horse and is doing great in her training.





Athena is a Quarter Horse Paint. Her previous owner passed away and was unwanted by remaining family members. She was trained for cutting and has adjusted well to being a trail horse.





Prince was a child's horse. Once the child grew up and went to college he was forgotten. He made his way to us and has become a wonderful trail horse.





Grim is short for Grimalkin. He's a big boy with a big personality. He used to pull the artillery cart in war reenactments and he participated in many parades. He is now enjoying the leisure life of being a trail horse.







Whiskey's pregnant momma was rescued from a kill pen. The new owners didn't know she was pregnant at the time. When Whiskey showed up, they raised him as a baby but as he grew he became quite a handful. They weren't prepared to handle a stud colt so we were asked if we would take him in when he was about 2. He is now in training to become a trail horse. He has a very curious and fun personality. After learning to be a great trail horse, we are happy to report that he has been adopted by a wonderful family. Trinity and her mother Amy, have been coming to Crazy 8 Ranch for a couple of years now. They both volunteer and Trinity takes lessons. She fell in love with Whiskey and their family recently adopted him. He still resides at the ranch for now.







Silver Dollar aka Silver is a grey appaloosa cross, born in 1999 and came to us in 2011. He's a sweet gentle soul with extremely sensitive skin. He could not wear a girth without getting sores. With the help of our vet we were able to successfully treat these sores and prevent any further problems. After spending many years as a happy trail and lesson horse, he is now living a happy retirement with Caroline and Kingsley as a spoiled pet. Best Christmas present ever! Christmas Eve 2020








Precious is a Tennessee Walker that came to us from a very neglectful situation. She was skin and bones and pregnant. Despite our efforts to get her back to health to help her have a healthy baby, the baby was still born. Once she had recovered from losing her baby and was 100% healthy, we began to train her. She now lives with a wonderful family and is a very loved and spoiled horse.