Meet Our Staff

Here at Crazy 8 Ranch our team is a mother/daughter duo and a bunch of rescue horses, each one having a unique personality! Here you will be able to see and learn a little bit about everyone on the ranch!


Hi, my name is Marcia DeCamp, I am the mother of four wonderful children, who are all grown, and the grandmother of four incredibly wonderful, amazing grand-babies. I am the primary owner of Crazy 8 Ranch. I grew up on a farm and have always loved animals but horses have the ability to not only capture your heart, but also your soul. I have read numerous books, watched videos, attended training clinics, and still wanted to learn more, so in 2007 I attended the Oklahoma horseshoeing School in Purcell, Oklahoma. That was an extremely tough school, I was very proud of myself when I finished. I also took Equine management through the Global Equine Academy, not near as tough of a school but still proud of myself, carried A's the whole way through. My formal education is done, for now at least, but I still learn new things all the time from other trainers, my vet, and of course the horses.

Our Horses

Skipper Sure Bunny aka Bunny is a double registered PHA and AQHA. Born February 9th, 2000 and came to us as a brood mare back in 2006, with world show points, when her previous owners could no longer keep her. They had sent her to a trainer who ended up doing more harm than good. With a lot of love and patience Bunny is now a happy trail horse. Bunny is the Dam of both Stormy and Thunder.

Stormy is a Palomino Quarter Horse that was born on the ranch June 4th 2007. He is the guide horse with the big personality, and Ms Marcia's personal trail horse.



Thunder is also a Palomino Quarter Horse born on the ranch April 5th 2013. He is a stud colt that is just beginning training.

Moon is a sorrel Quarter Horse born July 2005 bought by Mariah in October 2005. Since then they have done local shows, trail class and speed events. Now they are learning to trick ride!





Silver Dollar aka Silver is a grey appaloosa cross, born in 1999 and came to us in 2011. He's a sweet gentle soul with extremely sensitive skin. He could not wear a girth without getting sores. With the help of our vet we were able to successfully treat these sores and prevent any further problems. He is now a happy trail and lesson horse.

Cruizin, a chestnut Appendix, was born in 1999 and given to us back in 2010 when his owner could no longer keep him. He's a favorite here at the ranch because of his winning personality.

Daisy is a chestnut quarter horse half-linger cross, born in 1997, that came to us December 2014. She is for experienced riders only.





Miss Priss, a Thoroughbred, that did not make it on the track has found a happy home with us as a trail horse!






Luna, is a flea bitten gray pasofino, born in 1996, who came to us in the winter of 2014. She was a problem child that her previous owner couldn't handle. For experienced riders only.



Toby, a Quarter Horse, has been a good quality trail horse his whole life and is here to share his love of the trails with you!

Belle, a Tennessee Walker, who loves to go and is for experienced riders only!

Jazz, a Tennessee Walker, is as sweet as can be and is one of the favorites at kids camp!







Buddy, a Quarter Horse, is a wonderful trail horse that will go anywhere you point him.

Russ, a Paso Fino, is also a favorite among the kids at camp.