Our Services!

Here at Crazy 8 Ranch we offer a variety of services to fit your needs. From boarding to trail rides, lessons and more we have something to offer for everyone!

Trail Rides!

Our guided trail rides are the best around! The cost is $35 per person, per hour and you can ride seven days a week! All we need is a 24 hour notice to have the horses ready for you. If you are over 200lbs. please let us know so we can properly fit you to a horse and saddle. We limit the rides to 6 guests at a time. We also offer more than the typical nose to tail walking trail ride for our experienced guests.All ages are welcome to ride. Please see our home page for riding attire.

When scheduling a trail ride you will be asked to provide a nonrefundable $35 deposit, that will come off your bill when you show up for your ride. You will be charged for the number of horses you reserved, even if they are not used. If you schedule a group ride of 6 and only 4 show up then your group still has to pay for the other 2 horses.

Boarding and Training!

Our Pasture Board is $200 a month and that includes feed and hay. Or $100 a month with you providing the feed and hay.

All our pastures have automatic waterers, shelters, hayrings, and feed posts with buckets.

Training is offered at $100 a week.

Kids Camp!

Kids camps are offered during the summer months and school breaks. The cost is $50 a day or $225 weekly.


As of now we only have one show toward the end of summer for all of our kids that do camp or take lessons here. There is no cost for this, it is our way of saying thank you, and it allows the parents to see what their children have learned.